Styling Canopy Bed

Generally, some may feel that canopy beds tend to have feminine details. While this may be true, there are a few things that can be done to give your canopy bed a contemporary, metropolitan chic look that appeals to both men and women. First of all, go for a canopy style that doesn’t include any s-curve or curvilinear details; minimal styling and geometric inspired design will give your canopy bed a modern appeal that suits well in just about any bedroom.

If you’d like to add some stylistic flair to your canopy bed, light fabric or curtains can be added and tied off to the posts for a much more dimensional appearance. These fanciful draperies can also serve a functional purpose for privacy and colder nights as they help keep warm air confined to the interior of the canopy when drawn. In addition, if you live in a humid region prone to mosquitoes and other pesky insects that fly about, curtains or even mosquito netting will keep them from flying in while you sleep.

Overall, canopy beds are designed to bring an antique, historical feel paired with contemporary designs into your bedroom. Truly a wonderful bedroom centerpiece that will add a new level of dimension and style to your boudoir, one must remember that like sleigh beds, the architecture of canopy beds are larger than the conventional platform bed. Keep in mind the size of your bedroom; a canopy bed may dwarf your bedroom because it takes up more vertical space. Most importantly, choose a canopy bed that reflects your personality and personal style.

Home Office Furniture

As home office is getting more and more popular, it is important that you furniture and setup your home office in a manner that is conducive and productive for you to work in.
First of all, identify a location within your home where you can work conductively without any noise or distraction. Is there a spare room in the house or is there any place where you can create a space to work in? Make sure that there is sufficient lighting during the day time.

Once you have chosen that area, consider doing up wall shelves to put your stationery and office document to save space on the table. As table space is usually small, consider buying a ‘miniature’ desktop computer / laptop to put on the table. More spaces can be created by attaching the house phone to the wall as well.

If there are clients coming to your place, you might want to add in a sofa at a corner and a few magazine racks for them to browse through the magazine while they are waiting. To give your home office a ‘more professional’ look, you might want to get creative and decorate the wall with nice paintings or paint the wall with a nice color. Try adding some greenery such as potted plant or flowers as well. By taking the effort to spruce up your office, you can enhance a more professional company image when client steps into your office.

As you can see, the expenses really do add up when you spruce up your home office image. One cost saving idea is to buy used office furniture. Check out places like the classified section in your newspaper, flea market or bankruptcy sales as you can get great bargain for your office furniture.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining tables come in all shapes, round, oval, rectangular, fluted, trestle, single or double pedestal, with tabletops from wood, marble or glass. Dining room furniture come in different styles, from rustic, modern, country, traditional to contemporary. China cabinets, hutches, barstools, curio cabinets, buffets, and sideboards are also important pieces of dining room furniture.

Now, let’s take a look at a short list of dining room furniture terms you may not understand.

  • Bar Stool – A narrow and high stool with a foot rest, designed for seating in a bar.
  • Buffet – Sideboard used to offer dishes of meal to guests.
  • Cabinet – A box-shaped piece of furniture typically made of wood, used for storage.
  • Contemporary – This furniture style combines the latest trends in home fashions with furniture styles of the recent past.
  • Country – A casual furniture style, often featuring nature and nostalgic motifs.
  • Cupboard – A type of cabinet made of wood, used to store household objects.
  • Curio – A glass display cabinet with a wood or metal framework.
  • Hutch – A set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit with a counter and drawers.
  • Rattan – Species of palms native to tropical regions, used for making furniture.
  • Rustic – This furniture style includes the southwestern and colonial mexican design, and the looks of the adirondacks and the northwest.
  • Sideboard – A set of cabinets or cupboards and drawers used for serving food and displaying serving dishes.
  • Traditional – This furniture style includes original antique pieces and quality reproductions of antiques.

6 Home Equity Loan Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Home Equity Loans are one of the most common ways to cash out your home equity. Once you have a sizeable amount of equity in your home, you can already apply for a home equity loan and acquire a considerable amount of cash. You can then use the funds to pay off debts, improve your home or other purposes you deem fit.

However, remember that your home is at stake when you apply for this type of mortgage. It is vital to learn about the common mistakes people make when taking out a home equity loan. Here are some examples of Home Equity Pitfalls and how you can effectively avoid them.

Not Knowing The Home Equity Loan Rules In Your State

Texas Home Equity Loans Rules differ from other states, so it pays to learn about them before sending in your application. One should know the fundamental laws when it comes to home equity procurement in such as the loan limit allowed, due diligence, residence rule, etc.

Failure To Check The Difference Between A Home Equity Loan And A HELOC

Both mortgage options will make use of your home as collateral and require you to have enough equity to qualify for a loan. However, these two differ in many ways. For one, you’ll receive the funds in a lump sum when you are eligible for a Home Equity Loan. HELOCs, on the other hand, works like a credit card wherein you can withdraw funds anytime you need them. Know your options and weigh in the perks and drawbacks before signing up for a mortgage.

Assuming You Already Know All The Costs That Comes With The Mortgage

Whenever you take out a home loan, it is essential that you ask your lender about all the fees and costs included in the mortgage. Never assume that all of your future expenses are already on their ads and website. It’s best to ask and review the terms before signing.

Not Knowing The Right Reasons To Tap On Your Home Equity

Not all homeowners use their home equity for good reasons. Some used it to go on expensive trips, buy a new car or even gamble some of their money out. If you intend to use the funds for impulsive and irresponsible spending or have plans to sell your home soon, or you have an unstable financial situation, then it would be best to forget about your home equity loan application.

Borrowing  More Than The Amount You Need

Home equity is a sleeping wealth you can explore with home equity loans. However, it would be wise only to acquire the amount you need. You wouldn’t want to risk yourself going house poor, or worse, have your property foreclosed after failing to pay back your mortgage lender.

Not Considering The Real Risks Involved

Your home will be your collateral for a home equity loan. Failure to pay your dues on time can result in foreclosure, which is not good news for you. Also, if you choose and agreed to a variable-rate loan, it may mean your monthly mortgage and interest fees can shoot up after quite some time. Consider the real risks involved before taking out a home equity loan, consider your options and think about how it can affect you in the long run.

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Choosing Log Furniture

Size is Everything

Homes that feature large logs, spacious ceilings or are roomy in general require a different flavor of rustic furniture than their more conventional counterparts. If large logs make up the walls of your room, or you have a fireplace made from monster rocks from Montana, you’ll need a massive log look for your furniture as well. Otherwise, your log furniture will seem dwarfed and insignificant.

Even if the home for your log furniture is a cabin with 8-inch logs, a few large pieces of furniture will look better than many small ones. Larger furniture makes a room feel full without being cluttered.

If your bedroom has a high cathedral ceiling, a log canopy bed can help fill out the dimensions. There is also much you can do with artwork and lighting to make the best use of your space.

Types of wood

A variety of wood types are used to create rustic furniture. Following is an overview of several which are available on our website:

Steam-bent Hickory

Hickory is a very durable, flexible wood. Many a child has climbed to the top of a green hickory sapling to ride it down as it yields to the weight without breaking. When heated with steam for a period of time, Hickory poles can easily be formed into various unique pieces of furniture. The steamed poles are placed in a jig and left to dry. They will become very rigid and retain this shape when dry.

Steam-bent hickory is strong enough to be used for tools such as hammers and axes, and unpeeled hickory accounts for one of the best-selling lines of log furniture. The Amish use steam-bent hickory to make dining room chairs, as the legs for dining room tables, coffee tables, and rockers.

Northern White Cedar

Northern White Cedar grows in Northern Michigan and Canada. It withstands the abuse of seasonal elements without breaking down or rotting like other woods. It is a beautiful light tan color when freshly milled.

It turns silvery-gray with age, but can be treated with a good quality finish to help retain its color. You will notice cracks- some small and some larger in your rustic furniture. This occurs naturally in the drying process and adds to the rustic look of our products. These cracks do not diminish the function or design of our furniture. They are not a manufacturing defect, just a natural part of seasoning, enhancing the beauty of the wood.

Red Cedar

The most surprising thing about Red Cedar (also know as Aromatic Cedar) is that it is not a member of the cedar family at all, instead belonging to the juniper family. Everyone knows the deep aromatic smell of the red cedar. The wood is heavy, and naturally insect and rot resistant.

Clothes stored in a chest made of red cedar will be protected from moths. Red cedar has tight knots that add character and beauty. It is sometimes purple, but most often a brownish red that will in time become browner even when preserved. Furniture built with red cedar will last a long time and can definitely be handed down from generation to generation.

Bar and Wine Cabinets

Far from being just ornamental furnishings, bar and wine cabinets are very practical when it comes to entertaining a large group of friends. No more would you have to serve drinks from a counter top or have to weave your way in and out of guests to get more glasses out of the kitchen cupboards. With bar and wine cabinets, everything is conveniently and beautifully organized right at your fingertips.

And bar wine and cabinets add a sense of sophistication and style that cannot be accomplished by other types of furnishings. Whether your home’s décor is formal, country or modern, there is a wine or bar cabinet that will perfectly complement your individual space, personality and sense of style.

Take for instance the Bealle Steet Oval bar and wine cabinet by Powell. This wine cabinet is breathtaking and is vintage-inspired with sophisticated, tropical Dutch West Indies detailing framed in woven rattan with faux leather accents crafted in select hardwoods covered a lightly distressed two tone “Bahama” finish. This luxurious wine cabinet features includes storage for 12 bottles, 2 drawers, 2 doors, 2 adjustable shelves and 4 unique rattan galleried storage shelves on either end.

If you want a lot of style from a bar cabinet but do not have a great deal of space to devote to one, perhaps the Mardi Gras bar and wine cabinet would be perfect for our space. This beverage cabinet is both elegant and functional and features beautiful hand painting over Black Analine finish. The top flips open and slides to a center position for twice the serving surface. Doors with Antique Pewter handles open to reveal enough storage space for up to 22 bottles and 14 glasses. This bar and wine cabinet also features drawers for added storage and keeps everything snugly nestled inside when not in use.

If you prefer something a little more casual, maybe you would enjoy the multi-functional Casual Bar Cabinet with Marble Top. This cabinet doubles as a kitchen cart and features a medium distressed oak finish with a green marble surface, two towel racks, a center drawer, a 4-bottle wine rack and two shelves for accessories or cookbooks.

Teak Furniture is Better Choice

This luxuriant hardwood has abilities to withstand the rigors of adverse climates. It is resistant to water, weather and warping, allowing it to withstand season after season of use. Because of its rich quality and ability to weather attractively, teak furniture is not only a sound investment; it is a symbol of luxury and affluence.

There are several leading furniture manufacturers known for exceptional craftsmanship of this furniture. One of the largest and most renowned is Kingsley-Bate. Kingsley-Bate was the first American company to use Javanese in the manufacture of its furniture. They, like many of their industry counterparts, use precise mortise and tenon joinery in the construction of their teak furniture. The quality material and sheer craftsmanship, provides customers with teak furniture of exceptional style and durability.

Teak furniture is offered in a wide variety of classic pieces as well as custom designs by skilled wood carvers. You can enjoy a teak bench with a carved hummingbird motif or a teak bench that has a simple but elegant design. Whatever you are looking for, a teak Adirondack chair, teak bench, teak chair or teak table, you will not be disappointed.

Over time, teak will age to a soft gray patina color. The original color of your teak furniture may be maintained with a seasonal application of a teak oil or teak protector.
Small cracks may appear on the surface of the wood over time. This is a natural part of the aging process and in no way harms the integrity of your teak furniture. Outside of cleaning with soap and water as needed, teak is virtually low maintenance.

Furniture Bench

Going back to the kid’s room, if you have a little girl then you could choose from a lovely white furniture bench with claw feet, beautiful molding, a crown designed top, and sloped skirt. With a pink or purple cushion seat on top, your little girl would love having this bench to call her own. Perhaps she would want something with a little more character such as the “Dora the Explorer” furniture bench. With this, there is a colorful painted scene that brings life to your child’s room, allowing her imagination to run free.

For a little boy’s room, you will find a number of creative furniture benches that are replicas of ambulances, fire trucks, race cars, and more. These come in a number of wood choices and are wonderfully handcrafted with colorful detailing. Most of these benches have a closing lid, great for keeping the room organized and neat. In addition, a furniture bench that looks just like daddy’s workbench is a perfect choice. You will find these with actual attached bags that hold toy tools!

For the adults, you have a huge selection of styles and uses. For instance, you could choose a beautiful furniture bench to keep by the back door that would hold all the dog’s supplies. These come in a number of sizes but a popular choice is one that measures 40 x 14 x 17.75 inches. Some of these include drawers that are great for brushes, nail clippers, leashes, and so on. Again, many of these have a cushioned seat, providing a place to sit while getting Fido ready for his walk.

Placing a bench at the foot of the bed for added storage is also something seen in many bedrooms. Because these are available is so many styles, you can find a bench that fits in perfectly with any décor. Many times, these benches will be made from oak or mahogany and may or may not be adorned with brass accents. Again, this type of furniture bench also has storage where extra throws, sheets, pillows, or blankets can be stored.

If you want just a simple bench for the telephone or display of fresh flowers, these too are available. The nice thing about this type of bench is that they are small so they fit well in any home and prices at around $30, anyone can afford one. The bottom line is to determine the best room and how a bench can provide you with additional seating, storage, and room appeal.

About Baby Nursery Furniture

Finding the right nursery furniture will be fun and exciting. You just need to know how to shop for furniture that will be right for you. When looking for a crib, you will want one that you will be able to place a sleeping baby in without needing to hassle with the sides of the crib. You will want a firm mattress and adjustable mattress heights for when your baby gets older and may try to crawl out of the crib. Look for durability. How easy does the crib shake? You want your crib to last at least until your new little one is ready for a toddler bed. As he gets older he will stand and shaking the crib and trying his best to learn to climb out of it.

You may decide on a 3 n 1 crib for your nursery furniture choice. These are very unique cribs that can be converted from a crib into a toddler bed and then into a day bed or full size bed. These cribs are designed to last. Conversion is usually pretty simple and the hardware and all needed parts are included for each bed when you purchase the crib.

The changing table is one furniture item you are sure to enjoy in the line of nursery furniture. It is great to place your infant on a comfortable table with all the necessary items close at hand. Most changing tables have shelves under where you can keep everything you need for changing your little one. I prefer stationary changing tables, not one with wheels unless you can lock them in place.

You will be able to find matching dressers or chests in the nursery furniture line for holding all the new baby clothing that you received during your baby shower. The chest should have enough drawers for fitting all the babies clothing and accessories nicely. Check for easy glide and for durability. Baby clothing can usually snare very easily and if the drawers inside are rough you can snag the outfit causing them to look tattered.

Adirondack Chair

He completed his prototype, asking family and friends for their honest opinion. Although the design looked anything but comfortable, the consensus was that this chair was actually very comfortable. Today, the Adirondack chair is still one of the number one choices, often associated with beachfront property, seating around a swimming pool, or sprawling lawns. Regardless of where you place your Adirondack chair, you will not be disappointed with your choice.

While the Adirondack chair offers many wonderful qualities, the slated boards and big, wide armrest are what most people think of first. Take the armrest for example, which is especially nice with its wide, angled design. With this, you can easily set down a cup of coffee or glass of ice tea while sitting back to relax on a cool Sunday morning or hot Saturday afternoon. Because of the unique design, Thomas was able to secure a patent in 1904. For the next two decades, several variations of the Adirondack chair were created based on the original design.

Probably the greatest aspect of the Adirondack chair is that again, it is extremely comfortable. In addition, considering the high quality of the design and the overall efficiency, this chair is also very affordable. Typically, adirondack chairs are made from natural wood and then painted white. However, today you find many more exciting colors, perfect for enhancing any yard or home. Although the basic Adirondack chair is a favorite, you might also consider the Adirondack lounge chair, which reclines or perhaps a double Adirondack chair for cuddling.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors or indoors, the last thing you want is a hard, uncomfortable chair. However, with the Adirondack chair, you know with all certainly that you are getting the very best. Completely handcrafted, you will enjoy the country, nautical look. Keep in mind that the Adirondack chair looks great anywhere, adding a nice touch of class. The curved back and seat are truly amazing with a design that literally wraps around the body. No other chair can match the style and innovation found with the Adirondack chair. Best of all, when cared for properly, the Adirondack chair will last years and years.