Styling Canopy Bed

Generally, some may feel that canopy beds tend to have feminine details. While this may be true, there are a few things that can be done to give your canopy bed a contemporary, metropolitan chic look that appeals to both men and women. First of all, go for a canopy style that doesn’t include any s-curve or curvilinear details; minimal styling and geometric inspired design will give your canopy bed a modern appeal that suits well in just about any bedroom.

If you’d like to add some stylistic flair to your canopy bed, light fabric or curtains can be added and tied off to the posts for a much more dimensional appearance. These fanciful draperies can also serve a functional purpose for privacy and colder nights as they help keep warm air confined to the interior of the canopy when drawn. In addition, if you live in a humid region prone to mosquitoes and other pesky insects that fly about, curtains or even mosquito netting will keep them from flying in while you sleep.

Overall, canopy beds are designed to bring an antique, historical feel paired with contemporary designs into your bedroom. Truly a wonderful bedroom centerpiece that will add a new level of dimension and style to your boudoir, one must remember that like sleigh beds, the architecture of canopy beds are larger than the conventional platform bed. Keep in mind the size of your bedroom; a canopy bed may dwarf your bedroom because it takes up more vertical space. Most importantly, choose a canopy bed that reflects your personality and personal style.